Application Information

Application Name: PMATT (Dev)

Application OwnerYAGICHT

Application Technical Contact: LBAI4

Application Description: This Android mobile app requires participants to complete a few game-like tasks, which can be categorized into two major sessions, stationary sessions and moving target sessions. The app will only be installed on our devices and only used for the research study. Participants will use our mobile devices to complete the tasks in our office under supervision. The app will not collect any personal information, so there is no personal information leak risk for participating the study.

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ServiceNow RequestDistribution Status & DateInternal Review Status & DateePHI IndicatorTarget User Base
REQ51257Emory App Catalog (Android) - 2017.04.14under review for limited, internal distributionnoresearchers - feasibility study


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Under review for limited internal distribution.

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Internal Review Status: incomplete

Internal Distribution Request DateCompliance & Regulatory ReviewIT Security Review


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