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Link to apk file:

All Liver app images are uploaded into a single Zip file.


When you are ready to submit your app to the Google Play Store, you will need to submit the following artifacts. 

Note that you can add an attachment by using Add=>Attachment or by just dragging a file to the page.  Put the image files into folders and zip into a single file works the best. To review the attached files, using Add=>Attachment.


NumberRequired InformationResponse

Must be the following

  • 320 x 480, 480 x 800, 480 x 854, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 800
  • 24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha)
  • Full bleed, no border in art

Screenshots may be in landscape orientation. The thumbnails will appear to be rotated, but the actual images and their orientations will be preserved.

Attachment a zipped file

2High Resolution Application Icon - Must be the following
  • 512 x 512 pixels
  • 32 bit PNG or JPEG
  • Maximum: 1024 KB
Add=>Attachment a file
3Promotional Graphic (Optional) - Must be the following
  • 180w x 120h
  • 24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha)
  • no border in art
Add=>Attachment a file
4Promotional Video URL
5Privacy Policy URL 
6Marketing Opt-Out - Can Google feature your application in Google Play or any of the Google-owned online or mobile properties.   
7Application Language - Default is English, can be multiple languagesEnglish
8Title of the app - 30 Characters Max (provide copy for each language selected above)Surgical Anatomy of the Liver
Description English - 4000 Characters Max (provide copy for each language selected above)

This app is for trainees, medical students, instructors, and anyone that needs a quick way to learn or teach liver anatomy.

Take it with you into the OR or home to your easy chair. This hands-on tool allows you to mentally map the 3D anatomy of the liver in a way that was never possible with illustrations or imaging studies.

Emory Surgical Oncologist Shishir Maithel, MD, FACS, guided a certified medical illustrator in the process of digitally sculpting the anatomy to be both clear and accurate. The anatomy is a synthesis of radiographic, cadaveric, and surgical references, as well as hundreds of hours of liver surgery.

10Recent Changes - 500 Characters Max (provide copy for each language selected above) 
11 Promo Text - 80  Characters Max ((provide copy for each language selected above)

Surgical Anatomy of the Liver is a quick and easy way to learn and teach liver anatomy.

12Application Type - (Application or Game)Application


 If Application Type is Application

  • Books & Reference
  • Business
  • Comics
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Health & Fitness
  • Libraries & Demo
  • Lifestyle
  • Media & Video
  • Medical
  • Music & Audio
  • News & Magazines
  • Personalization
  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Sports
  • Tools
  • Transportation
  • Travel & Local
  • Weather

If Application Type is Game

  • Arcade & Action
  • Brain & Puzzle
  • Cards & Casino
  • Casual
  • Racing
  • Sports Games
14Copy Protection - Can the application be copied from the device?  (if on there is an increase in memory usage) 

Content Rating (see for more information)

  • High Maturity
  • Medium Maturity
  • Low Maturity
  • Everyone

Price - Free is the default

17 Countries - All countries are default, but any combination can be selectedAll
18 Supported Devices - as defined in your application manifest.All Android devices?

Contact Information

Andy Matlock
20 Website
22 Phone404-712-2271
23 Enable Google Cloud Messaging Stats - If enabled you must provide up to three GCM Sender IDs 
22 Does this app meet Android Content Guidelines?Yes

Do you consent to the following statement?  "I acknowledge that my software application may be subject to United States export laws, regardless of my location or nationality. I agree that I have complied with all such laws, including any requirements for software with encryption functions. I hereby certify that my application is authorized for export from the United States under these laws."

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