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Template - Hosted Application Architecture Review Checklist

Architecture Review   

All technical projects managed by UTS and R&HS must complete an architecture review conducted by the Architecture Review Team (ART) in the project's planning phase before it can be moved into the next phase, Project Execution & Control. A second Architecture Review should be conducted during the production readiness assessment.
Project Team should submit the following documents and schedule a review meeting with ART:

  • Architecture Review Checklist (this form)
  • Architecture Diagram(s) of the System
    More information on Architecture Review and Architecture Review Team can be found on Architecture Review Team.

Project Information


Project Name



Project Number



Project Manager



Prepared By



Preparation Date



Project Type (Mini, Standard, or Complex)



Project Summary



Vendor Background and Viability





System Diagram

(please post the integration diagram of the system with Other Emory systems here)

Architecture Review Questions

Describe what data will be stored on this hosted application
Describe performance and scalability of this hosted application
Describe authentication/authorization of this hosted application
Describe integration of this hosted application with other Emory applications
Describe availability of this hosted application
Describe backup and disaster recovery of this hosted application
Describe monitoring of this application and the process of notifying Emory
Describe SLA and maintenance/support plan

Technical Challenges

List challenges that the project team see with the application that they would like support/guidance from architecture review team.

Architecture Review Team Feedback

(ART feedback goes here)

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