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Template – Vended Application Architecture Review Checklist

Architecture Review   

All technical projects managed by UTS and R&HS must complete an architecture review conducted by the Architecture Review Team (ART) in the project's planning phase before it can be moved into the next phase, Project Execution & Control. A second Architecture Review should be conducted during the production readiness assessment.
Project Team should submit the following documents and schedule a review meeting with ART:

  • Architecture Review Checklist (this form)
  • Architecture Diagram(s) of the System

More information on Architecture Review and Architecture Review Team can be found on Architecture Review Team.

Project Information


Project Name

Recruitment Platform Implementation - (CRM, ATS, and Onboarding systems)


Project Number



Project Manager

 Scott Swann


Prepared By

 Mark Photakis and Scott Swann


Preparation Date

 July 17, 2017


Project Type (Mini, Standard, or Complex)



Project Summary

 Emory Healthcare and University need modern recruiting technology to support business of finding and attracting the best talent in the market.


Vendor Background and Viability

 iCIMS is a Software as a Service provider specializing in Sourcing, Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Solutions in one, easy to use, intuitive platform. iCIMS has annual recurring revenues of $100M+ and a customer base of 3,500 contracted customers.


LITS Responsible Team


Architecture Diagram of the System


Architecture Review Questions

On what application and middleware platform will this application be deployed? – This application will be deployed on the cloud by iCIMS and a link will be present in PeopleSoft-HR. iCIMS does not use a middleware and is accessed directly via a TLS1.2 connection.
What database management system will this application be using? – iCIMS manages databases on behalf of customers. iCIMS uses a SQL database.
Describe what data will be stored on this application, and data governance. – Emory determines the fields and data collected. The out of the box fields included Name, Email, Contact Information. The data model is outlined via: . iCIMS uses the ISO27001 standard. Social Security Number, date of birth, race and gender will be stored in this database and collected during the hire process from the candidate.
Describe performance and scalability of this application (including normal usage/load patterns, performance target, sustainable peak load, and ways to expand capacity for high load) – This is not applicable. iCIMS manages performance and scale. iCIMS has excess capacity available for on-demand growth. iCIMS largest customers have 400,000+ employees and far exceeds the scale required for Emory.
Describe authentication/authorization of this application – This application will use a SAML 2.0 SSO model.
Describe integration of this application with other Emory applications This application will integrate bidirectional with PeopleSoft-HR and HireRight and outbound from iCIMS to EHC Compensation Planning tool and HR Technical Services applications (Prestart, Salary Quote Tool, Reference Letter application). iCIMS generally sees customers use a CSV file transfer via SFTP and also offers a web service API.
Describe availability of this application – iCIMS includes 99.9% uptime outlined in our SLA's.
Describe configuration and deployment for this application – iCIMS is deployed in a true SaaS model, no custom source code required, and configurations are made to fields, drop-downs, and workflows through a front-end interface.
Describe reporting functionality of this application -- iCIMS includes an ad-hoc report writing tool with every field available as filters and columns.
Describe backup and disaster recovery of this application (Note backup mechanism for each layer, as appropriate) – iCIMS completes daily back-ups and has a tested BCDR in place.
Describe monitoring of this application – iCIMS has continuous monitoring and can provide quarterly reports.
Describe SLA and maintenance/support plan – SLA's and MSP are outlined via and are included in the contract between iCIMS and Emory.

Issue Severity




(as set forth in the table below)

Work Around (if available)

Issue Resolution

Severity 1

Any Issue that (info) compromises the integrity or security of the Application or Data, or (ii) (a) completely prevents the operation of the Application or precludes work by a User from reasonably continuing, and (b) for which there is no reasonable work-around.

Thirty (30) Minutes

Every Hour

To the Highest Escalation Contact Within Eight (8) Hours

Four (4) Hours

One (1) Day

Severity 2

Any Issue that (info) substantially restricts the operations of the Application, but for which an alternative solution or work-around exists, or (ii) does not substantially restrict the operations of the Application, but for which an alternative solution or work-around does not exist.

Two (2) Hours

Every Day

To the Next Escalation Contact on a Daily Basis

One (1) Day

One (1) Week

Severity 3

Any Issue that does not substantially restrict the operations of the Application and for which there is an alternative solution or work-around.

Eight (8) Hours

Every Week

To the Next Escalation Contact on a Quarterly Basis


Next Update

Severity 4

Any Issue that is (info) a requested change to an existing configuration, (ii) a question regarding usability, documentation, training, or another knowledge enhancement question or (iii) an enhancement request.

Twenty Four (24) Hours

As Deemed Practical



As Deemed Practical

Escalation & Prevention



1st Level

Manager, Customer Success

2nd Level

Manager, Product Development and/or Manager, Hosting/IT (as applicable)

3rd Level

Chief Technology Officer and/or Chief Operating Office (as applicable)

  1. Will this application be used by EHC and, if so, has it been tested on the VDT? – Yes, it has been tested on the VDT and works as expected.

Technical Challenges

(List challenges that the project team see with the application that they would like support/guidance from architecture review team)

Architecture Review Team Feedback


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