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Please note: this page and its child pages are currently under construction.  However, should you find anything in error, please contact Stephanie Rodgers (

In Concept, Cost Estimation, Design, or Development (Pre-review)

Note: Not all apps in design, cost estimation, and development are known by Emory IT. Some apps only come to the attention of central IT as part of the review and distribution process.

  1. Phenylketonuria (PKU) Mobile and Web Apps (concept, cost, and design complete, no funding yet)
  2. Surgical Safety Checklist (starting use case documentation---no analysis, design, or cost materials available yet)
  3. Emory Healthcare Provider App (use cases documented, preparing cost estimate)
  4. Emory Login Demo (in development)
  5. Pediatric Blood Pressure (concept and cost estimation complete, no funding yet)
  6. Heart Failure Education & Fluid Tracking App (no analysis, design, or cost materials available yet)
  7. Catatonia App (concept and cost estimation complete, no funding yet)

Under Review for Public Distribution

  1. Emory Healthy Aging (Emory App Catalog for Android)
  2. SUGARx (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  3. Anatomy of the Male Pelvis (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  4. The Brain at Work Experiment (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  5. HU Buddy 

Under Review for Broad Internal Distribution

None at this time


Publicly Distributed Apps (Reviewed and Approved)

Note: All publicly distributed Emory apps are also distributed internally at various points in their lifecycle. Publicly distributed production apps in public marketplaces are ultimately listed at links in the internal Emory Mobile App Catalog. These listings of public and internal apps are distinct so as to communicate clearly which apps are bound for public and internal users. Click on the marketplace name for a link to each app's official listing in the marketplace.

  1. Emory Mobile (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  2. Emory AWAKE (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  3. Surgical Anatomy of the Liver (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  4. Emory Liver Transplant (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  5. ReliefLink (Apple App Store)
  6. iChoose Kidney (Apple App Store)
  7. ReadyVax (Apple App Store)
  8. Biocatalogue Mobile (Apple App Store)
  9. Emory Patient Portal (Apple App Store)

Unreviewed, Publicly Distributed Apps (No record of these apps in Emory Review Process)

Note: These apps have been found in public marketplaces and bear prominent references to Emory University or Emory Healthcare. These may be apps that pre-date Emory's 2014 review policies or apps that have been published without proper review. All of these apps should be reviewed and migrated to the Publicly Distributed Apps category.

  1. University Disc: Emory University Edition (Steve Shockway App Store Account)
  2. Emory Eagles (SuperFanU, Inc. App Store Account)
  3. Emory University Catholic Center (Web4u App Store Account)
  4. Emory Bubble (Campus Bubble App Store Account)
  5. Emory-Knopman Interview Prep for IB (Knopman Financial Training App Store Account)
  6. Emory New Student Orientation (Letgit Apps, LLC App Store Account)
  7. Emory Health Magazines (Blue Toad, Inc. App Store Account)
  8. Simon Web Emory Paging (Evan Schoenberg App Store Account)
  9. Emory Conference Center Hotel (Pidex, Inc. App Store Account)
  10. Emory Kisem (Heykorean App Store Account)

Internally Distributed Apps (Reviewed and Approved or Pending Public Release)

  1. Emory App Catalog (for iOS & Android, download at or, see the start page for instructions)
  2. Codes (Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
  3. EHMC (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  4. 3D Liver (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  5. MTP (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  6. SCIP for Surgery (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  7. Knowledge Builder App (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  8. Carlos Mobile (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  9. WebEase (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  10. e-Vantage (QA limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
  11. Safety Reporting (DEV limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)


Public App Approval – Process Flow

Click to enlarge and view the app approval process flow.

For descriptions of the processes and contact information see Emory Mobile App Distribution Process for Public Apps and the Emory Mobile App Distribution Process for Internal Apps.

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