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Please note: this page and its child pages are currently under construction.  However, should you find anything in error, please contact Stephanie Rodgers (srodge5@emory.ed).

Under Review for Public Distribution

  1. Emory Healthy Aging (Emory App Catalog for Android)
  2. Emory Liver Transplant (Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
  3. SUGARx (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  4. Anatomy of the Male Pelvis (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  5. The Brain at Work Experiment (Emory App Catalog for iOS)

Under Review for Broad Internal Distribution

None at this time

Publicly Distributed Apps 

Note: All publicly distributed Emory apps are also distributed internally at various points in their lifecycle. Publicly distributed production apps in public marketplaces are ultimately listed at links in the internal Emory Mobile App Catalog. These listings of public and internal apps are distinct so as to communicate clearly which apps are bound for public and internal users. Click on the marketplace name for a link to each app's official listing in the marketplace.

  1. Emory Mobile (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  2. Emory AWAKE (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  3. Surgical Anatomy of the Liver (Google Play & Apple App Store)
  4. ReliefLink (Apple App Store)
  5. iChoose Kidney (Apple App Store)
  6. ReadyVax (Apple App Store)
  7. Biocatalogue Mobile (Apple App Store)
  8. Emory Patient Portal (Apple App Store)


Internally Distributed Apps

  1. Emory App Catalog (via browser, iOS & Android)
  2. Codes (Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
  3. EHMC (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  4. 3D Liver (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  5. MTP (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  6. SCIP for Surgery (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  7. Knowledge Builder App (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  8. Carlos Mobile (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  9. WebEase (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
  10. e-Vantage (QA limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
  11. Safety Reporting (DEV limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)


Process Flow

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