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Steve Wheat, Chief IT Architect / +1 404-727-5268 

Upcoming Events

TBDAWS Service Overview 
TBDEC2 and the VPC 
TBDRevolutionary AWS Services 

Recent Events

February 23, 2016TAG Connected Content: Health App SummitDetails
August 10, 2015Gartner Catalyst Presentation on Emory Mobile App StrategiesDetails
September 14-16, 2015EAI/SOA Administration Training 
July 30, 2015Mobile App Platform Discussion: Modolabs 
July 20, 2015Part 2: Emory Mobile App Catalog Background and Administration Training 
July 13, 2015Part 1: Emory Mobile App Catalog Background and Administration TrainingView the slide presentation
June 29, 2015Emory Mobile App Catalog Overview Presentation and WebinarView the recorded webinar on demand
May 20, 2015ICCC CIO Meeting: SOA in the Cloud 
April 15, 2015

Video Interview: Mobile App Management Takes Center Stage in the Enterprise

Chris Silva, Research Director, Gartner Group

Steve Wheat

View the recorded interview on demand
March 11, 2015Boston Higher Ed Mobile App MeetupDetails

Emory Information Technology Mission Statement

As a key enabling function, the mission of Information Technology is to create and sustain a seamless, agile, innovative and efficient information technology environment that advances the educational, clinical and research activities and aspirations of Emory, across its academic and healthcare components.  For more information on LITS visit the LITS web site.

IT Architecture Charge

The role of the Office of the Chief Information Technology Architect was designed to coordinate and lead information technology architecture initiatives across Emory University and Emory Healthcare in emerging areas. The Chief IT Architect and IT Architecture Group work with units across the Emory enterprise as well as Emory's application vendors and partners to maintain a list of IT architecture standards and guidelines in use at Emory.  Where standards do not exist, the team works with appropriate units to identify the current practices and target new standards and guidelines for the future.  The IT Architecture Group works closely with groups spearheading new technology and standards to help operationalize and document new technology and practices in their initial phases of adoption.

IT Architecture Activities

  1. Provide leadership and assistance in the application and implementation of IT frameworks
  2. Work with Emory units to identify IT architecture and infrastructure needs collaboratively
  3. Review projects for compliance and conformance with established IT architectures
  4. Assist other units in using and adopting new IT infrastructure through training, documentation, seminars, and other services
  5. Collaborate with partners and vendors of Emory to help them use and access Emory IT infrastructure or to develop new technologies and infrastructure to meet joint objectives
  6. Set an example of excellence, dedication, and professionalism that is acknowledged both within Emory and beyond

Priorities (Past and Present)

Annual Reports

Potential Major Initiatives (Planning for FY 2017)

NameStatusScheduled CompletionAdjusted Completion
Emory AWS Research Service Implementationplanningunscheduled FY 2017 
Emory AWS Enterprise Cloud Implementation (been referred to as data center migration)   
Mobile App Development Platform and Practicesproposalsunscheduled FY 2017 
Integration Review Team / Checklistproposalunscheduled FY 2017 
WebEase Mobile Launch / Healthy Aging Study Launchsupporting projectsunscheduled FY 2017 
Quality/Excellence and Process Initiatives (checklists, code reviews, framework development, QA?)unknownunknown 
Mobile Device Management? (see prior proposals)unknownunknown 
Docker Implementation**planningunscheduled FY 2017 
GitHubplanningunscheduled FY 2017 
HIPAA Audit Logging Web Viewerdesign and planningunscheduled FY 2017 

Other Current Initiatives

  • PeopleSoft Web Services Exploration Engagement
  • Advise and consult with the Web Team who has taken over administration of the Emory Mobile App Catalog
  • Presentations and publicizing Emory's Mobile App Review and Distribution Process 
  • Assist in deployment and testing of Massive Transfusion Protocol mobile web app integrations with the SC2I database and REDcap system (completed)
  • Working with LITS Integration and School of Medicine to perform a mobile device management/mobile application management assessment (completed)
  • Develop and deploy the Emory Healthcare Emergency Codes mobile app for iOS and Android (completed)
  • Working with LITS Application Development to document architecture compliance checklists
  • Working with LITS application Development to initiate code reviews
  • Assist LITS Integration Team with the JBoss upgrade

Ongoing Responsibilities


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