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Emory UIT and IT Architecture have not yet prescribed frameworks or platforms for mobile app development other than to state that mobile apps should be developed to access Emory Web Services that meet the SOA/EDA standards listed above. Note that Emory SOA/EDA frameworks have been extended to generate Objective C message object APIs for this purpose. This pattern is in the process of being documented now by IT Architecture. Emory has evaluated several mobile app platforms in the past, but has not adopted any due to shortcomings in compliance and security features. Emory is presently evaluating mobile app frameworks and platforms such as AWS Mobile Hub that have a greater potential to meet Emory's compliance requirements.

Development Infrastructure


LITS presently uses Subversion, but is planning a migration to Git in 2017.

Build & Package

LITS presently uses a central build & package server with scripts to pull source and package artifacts from Subversion and build software. In some cases these scripts commit builds back to Subversion in its Software Configuration Management function for instant deployment. LITS has proposed a project to explore moving to Jenkins.