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  • OpenEAI EnterpriseObject and MOA Out of Sync or Compatibility Issue

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Question:  was this caused by updating of QueryLanguageEO without updating of openeai.jar?  Try to determine the exact compatibility.

NumberEOMOA (.jar file)ScenarioResult 
aEO added optional attribute (QueryLanguage/Max)moa not updatedMost common in ESBException (#1) java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.openeai.moa.objects.resources.v1_0.QueryLanguage.getMax() 
bEO not updated moa added optional attributeOften happens in Web appElement disappeared when invoke moa.toXmlString()? 
cEO removed optional atribute  moa not upatedsame as b?  
dEO not updated  moa removed optional attributesame as a?