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Sample question

  1. What is this?
    This is an sample question to demonstrate formating answers. Note the \{indent\} macro is used to create the indentation.  You can see this in both the Rich Text and the Wiki Markup editing views.
  2. Second sample question

Policy Questions

  1. How will EdUnify support FERPA?
  2. How will EdUnify support efforts to collect data?
  3. How will EdUnify support efforts to synchronize data?
  4. How will EdUnify support development of data standards?

Functional Use Questions

  1. What functions would EdUnify include?
  2. What is Ontology Services?
  3. Conceptually, how will we be able to find application services using EdUnify?
  4. What is a registry?
  5. What is a lookup service?

Subject Matter and Application Questions

  1. What are some examples of applications using the Registry and Lookup Services?
  2. How will we be able to register services?
  3. Will EdUnify only be used for Student Data?

Technical Questions

  1. Will EdUnify only support Web Services? Or, will other types of data exchange services be supported?
  2. How will EdUnify support different technology stacks?

Community and Project Questions

  1. Who will use EdUnify?
  2. When will EdUnify be ready for use?
  3. How do I get involved in EdUnify?
  4. How can I stay informed of the progress?