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The specific technical goals of the task force are to:

  • Add goals here
  • document use cases that articulate our goals
  • design a registry with metadata about web services
  • define the metadata about web services that is essential to maintain to achieve our goals
  • design any integration services required to achieve our goals (for example, an ontology service)
  • develop web service registration and registration maintenance processes that make sense for higher education
  • prove the concept with reference implementations among participating organizations
  • formalize specifications through PESC
  • drive adoption within our organizations

Statement of the Problem

Across education, the utilization and effectiveness of data and information technologies is severely inhibited by access methods, differing protocols, non-standard payloads, varying data definitions, and inability to trust disparate applications stove piped by proprietary design. Billions of dollars are spent annually trying to move data across components employed by stakeholder computer systems. The current state of automation, with all its redundancy, unnecessary aggregation and inaccuracy render a tremendous burden on the educational investment society as a whole is making.