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Quick links point to resources of active or important IT Architecture projects. Listing these here makes it easy to say, "go to arch IT dot emory dot edu and there is a quick link to what you are looking for."

DevOpsEmory IT Architecture DevOps Practices
Request HelpRequest Help from IT Architecture and Preferred Mobile, Web, and Cloud Consultants
Amazon Web ServicesEmory AWS Research Service Draft Paper | Emory AWS Research Service Demos | AWS Focus Group Docs | AWS Service Security Risk AssessmentsEmory AWS Login 
Mobile Apps Emory Mobile App Dashboard | Mobile App's Requesting Access to Emory Data | Emory Mobile App Development | Emory Mobile App AuthN Project | Mobile Application Review and Distribution Processes | Emory Internal Mobile App Catalog
Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Architecture
HL7 and DICOM IntegrationsHL7 and DICOM Integration at Emory | DCM4CHE Project
BlockchainPotential Emory Blockchain Use Cases
Other IT Architecture LinksEmory University Architecture Review Team | Integration Advisory Team | Emory Application and Integration Development Standards | IT Architecture Training
Internal LinksDescription of the IT Architecture Atlassian PlatformIT Architecture Jira, Wiki, Bitbucket, etc.
IT Architecture VendorsSurge, LLC | Make & Build | Relish Marketing | Irene Yan | George Wang
JMS Send App LinksDEV, TEST, and STAGE Environments | PROD Environment