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Architecture Review   


All technical projects managed by UTS and R&HS must complete an architecture review conducted by the Architecture Review Team (ART) in the project's planning phase before it can be moved into the next phase, Project Execution & Control. A second Architecture Review should be conducted during the production readiness assessment.

Project Team should submit the following documents and schedule a review meeting with ART:

  • Architecture Review Checklist (this form)
  • Architecture Diagram(s) of the System

More information on Architecture Review and Architecture Review Team can be found on Architecture Review Team.


Project Information


Project Name

             API Integration to Emory Box via Box APIs                                                                                    


Project Number



Project Manager

Pengyin Shan 


Prepared By

Pengyin Shan 


Preparation Date



Project Type (Mini, Standard, or Complex)Mini



Project Summary

Programmatic access to Emory Box via Box APIs to store and retrieve content. 


Vendor Background and Viability

The vendor of the hosted solution is 


LITS Responsible Team

Communication and Public Affairs 

Architecture Diagram of the System

  Image Removed(please post the architecture diagram of the system here)

Architecture Review Questions

  1. Describe what data will be stored on this hosted application
  2. Course Catalog CSV File from Office of Registrar Box Account. 
    Course IDOffer NbrTermSessionSectionInstitutionAcad GroupSubjectCatalogCareerDescrClass NbrComponentEnrl StatClass StatClass TypeAssocWL DaemonAuto EnrolStdnt SpecAuto EnrolAuto Enr 2ResectionSch PrintConsentCap EnrlWait CapMin EnrlTot EnrlWait TotTopic IDPrintAcad OrgNext PosIDCampusLocationEvent IDModeEquiv CrsOverrideReq Rm CapStart DateEnd DateCancel DtPrim SectComb SectHol SchedExam SpcngIncludeCalc ReqdGenerateSynch MtgFees ExistCancel EnrollFrom ItemTypBus UnitLedgerAccountDeptIDProjectProdFundProgramClassAfflOperating UnitAlt. AccountBudget RefChartfield1Chartfield2Chartfield3Fund AffilOper Unit AffilBus UnitLedgerAccountDeptIDProjectProdFundProgramClassAfflOperating UnitAlt. AccountBudget RefChartfield1Chartfield2Chartfield3Fund AffilOper Unit AffilExt WrtoffRequiredExtract TypeLMS Group IDLMS URLClass Ext DttmEnrl Ext DttmAuthenticationDrop ConsentCourse IDOffer NbrTermSessionSectionPat NbrFacil IDMtg StartMtg EndMonTuesWedThursFriSatSunStart DateEnd DateTopic IDDescrPatPrint TopicCourse IDOffer NbrTermSessionSectionPat NbrAssign Seq #IDRoleAccessContactPrintLoad FactorEmpl Rcd#Assign TypeWork LoadAssignment %Auto CalcCourse IDOffer NbrTermSessionSectionCrse AttrCrsAtr Val
    7617151666W100AEMORYCOLMATH211UCOLAdv Calculus (Multivariable)1791LECOAE1NNN   YN30002800NMATH_CS520 ATLATLANTA97848P N305/16/166/22/16 00A WB1NNNYNNN                                     NBKBEMORY_MATH_211_SEC00A  N7617151666W100A1MSC_W302 1:00:00.000000PM 2:20:00.000000PMYYYYYNN5/16/166/22/160 EVRYN7617151666W100A11410237PIA0Y00 00Y       
    4716151666W100AEMORYCOLCS170UCOLIntro to Computer Science I1793LECOAE1NNN   YN25001700NMATH_CS460 ATLATLANTA97850P N405/16/166/22/16 00A WB1NNNYNNN                                     NBKBEMORY_CS_170_SEC00A  N4716151666W100A1MSC_W30311:30:00.000000AM12:50:00.000000PMYYYYYNN5/16/166/22/160 EVRYN4716151666W100A211591614PIA0Y00 00Y       
    Describe performance and scalability of this hosted application
    Emory Box accounts should be able to scale to support very large amounts of non-sensitive, non-private data ( Around 10 MB). 
  3. Describe authentication/authorization of this hosted application
    Box API uses OAuth 2 for authentication. OAuth2 Authentication using JWT.
  4. Describe integration of this hosted application with other Emory applications
    Using Box API to interactive with Office of Registrar new website:, in Cascade Server
  5. Describe availability of this hosted application
    Emory Box should be available 7x24x365
  6. Describe backup and disaster recovery of this hosted application
     Emory Box a cloud service that we pay for as part of an Internet2 “NET+” offering.   This is a geographically dispersed/redundant hosted service, no part of which is physically on premise at Emory.  Backup and DR is provided to Emory by
  7. Describe monitoring of this application and the process of notifying Emory
    Box doesn’t share the details of their internal monitoring.  They do share service status with customers here: where we can (and have) signed up for email notifications of service degradations or outages.  There is currently no process in place for Emory to automatically communicated Box issues to the Emory community. Dave H.
  8. Describe SLA and maintenance/support plan
    Emory provides Tier1/2 support for Box.  This is handled at the deskside support level.  Tier 3 escalation support are handled by named Emory technicians in the LITS storage organization and in various Deskside support organizations that are able to open cases with Box support.  Box publishes an SLA of 99.9% uptime, but has no SLA on how fast they’ll respond to issues. Dave H.
  9. Will this application be used by EHC and, if so, has it been tested on the VDT?No

Technical Challenges

Code Block providesList an extensive set of APIs challenges that supportthe programmatic interface to Emory Box.  The Communication and Public Affairs team is requesting approval to use the existing APIs (that are provided to all Emory personal via the Box developer account) to store and retrieve content in Emory Box via the provided APIs.project team see with the application that they would like support/guidance from architecture review team.

Architecture Review Team Feedback

Code Block
(ART feedback goes here)