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Emory Healthcare has implemented and evolved a messaging, enterprise application integration (EAI), and service oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure built on IBM MQ Series, IBM WebSphere, and internally developed foundation components.  In the past, Emory University typically developed point-to-point, batch file-based integration.  Emory Univeristy has adopted OpenEAI and other open integration services to implement its Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and is using these frameworks to implement connectors for applications.  So far these systems include:

  • PeopleSoft (Oracle) Financial System
  • Emory Shared Data
  • Sciquest
  • Emory Data Warehouse
  • Emory Network Locator Demonstration Database
  • eCOI ConflictOfInterest
  • Click Commerce

Emory has defined the following message objects:

The connectors that implement these integrations are:

  • PeopleSoft Connector
  • Enterprise Identity Service
  • Network Identity Service
  • Network Location Service
  • DataWarehouse Connector 
  • Sciquest Connector
  • Click Commerce

The analysis templates used to document and provide requirements for these integrations are available here for review and comment.  These require Emory authentication.

For an overview of the deployed ESB/SOA environments, see the environment documentation maintained by the UTS Integration Group.  These require Emory authentication.