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  1. User should use the device's browser instead of the app. The app thinks that the user's device is a computer because the screen is larger than 6.0" but in reality, it is a mobile device.
  2. User should use web browser with shortcuts instead of wrapped app.  NOTE:  if the problem occurs when using the "web browser" version of the app, click the refresh button on your browser to refresh the screen and the plus sign should show up.
  3. User should reinstall app or use the web app instead of the wrapped app
  4. Check to make sure user is using their Emory ID and not their EHC ID instead. If necessary, log out and log in with Emory ID.


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Textual instructions for iOS devices:

  1. Open the phone's browser
  2. Enter the url:
  3. Click go
  4. Authenticate with your Emory netid and password
  5. Click login
  6. After the MTP app has loaded, tap on the "forward" or "share" button.  Usually, this is in the bottom center portion of the screen but that could vary based on the iOS version you're phone is running.
  7. Scroll down until you see a "Add to Homescreen" item and tap on that
  8. Here you could change the name of the icon you create if you want.  The default name will be "Mass Transfusion Protocol" but you could shorten that name if you want.
  9. From here on, you can just click on this shortcut to open the app.
  10. At this point, you should be able to remove the old "MTP" icon from your screen if you want.

Video instructions for Android devices: