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  • Emory Mobile App Review and Distribution Process for Public App Marketplaces
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Step 1: Request Internal and Public Distribution of the Application

In order to review an app for public distribution, a mobile app Mobile apps must first be distributed to the internal Emory reviewers using the Emory Mobile App Catalog. Complete the Internal , a type of internal Emory app store. App owners should complete the Internal Mobile App Distribution Request Form to start the this process. These requests are generally completed within two or three days. A mobile app can usually be distributed internally to a restricted group in two or three days from the time of the request. Distribution to a large internal audience usually take two to three weeks to complete the internal review process, and distribution on public marketplaces may take several weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the app and the compliance and commercial implications of the app. Once you have completed the internal request form, please complete the Public Mobile App Distribution Request.