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User Interface
MOA Incident


/Actual day/time of Incident

sys_original.incident.u_time_of_incident" >
<div  class="input-group" >
<input  id="incident.u_time_of_incident"  class="form-control text-align-right-ltr element_reference_input"  type="text"  value="2016-09-27 05:35 PM"  onchange="onChange('incident.u_time_of_incident');"  style=""  name="incident.u_time_of_incident" >
<a  id="incident.u_time_of_incident.ui_policy_sensitive"  class="input-group-addon icon-calendar icon"  data-ref="incident.u_time_of_incident"  tabindex="-1"  name="incident.u_time_of_incident.ui_policy_sensitive"  data-date_time_format="yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm a"  data-type="date_time" >  </a>

*Reported by


FirstName  incident.caller_id.first_name
MiddleName  caller_id.middle_name
LastName  caller_id.last_name
Phone Number  incident.u_phone_number
Email  incident.u_email_address
Contact  incident.u_contact; Contact – The person that should be contacted regarding this ticket
Incident Location  

there is a code? (pop up window)


*Reported Source  

drop down list


<option  value="Chat" > Chat </option>
<option  value="Direct Contact" > Direct Contact </option>
<option  value="EHC-Remedy" > EHC-Remedy </option>
<option  value="Listserv" > Listserv </option>
<option  value="Mobile" > Mobile View </option>
<option  value="Monitoring System" > Monitoring System </option>
<option  value="Self-Service" > Self-Service </option>
<option  value="Service Desk" > Service Desk </option>
<option  value="Tech Initiated" > Tech Initiated </option>
<option  value="Walk In" > Walk In </option>
Sticky Notes  incident.u_sticky_notes
Special Instructions  incident.u_special_instructions
Incident StateIncident_stateIncidentState



<option  selected="SELECTED"  value="1" > New </option>
<option  value="-8" > Awaiting Assignment </option>
<option  value="2" > Assigned </option>
<option  value="-7" > Accepted </option>
<option  value="3" > Work in Progress </option>
<option  value="4" > Pending </option>
<option  value="6" > Resolved </option>
<option  value="7" > Closed </option>
<option  value="8" > Cancelled </option>
Transfer to EHC  
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="SGP000000000018" > EHC Service Desk </option>
EHC Ticket NumberEhc_ticket_number incident.ehc_ticket_number
Knowledge Article  incident.u_kb_url
KB Number  incident.u_kb_number
Suppress Notification  

check box


Caused by Change  incident.caused_by
RFCRfc incident.rfc
*Short DescriptionShort_descriptionShortDescription 
Note type  Public Notes or Work Notes
name="incident.u_notes_type" >
<option  value="Public Notes" > Public Notes </option>
<option  selected="SELECTED"  value="Work Notes" > Work Notes </option>
Public notes or Work notes (Content)Work_notesWorkNotesincident.work_notes
*Configuration item  
<label  dir="ltr"  onclick="return labelClicked(this);"  for="sys_display.incident.cmdb_ci" >
<span  id="status.incident.cmdb_ci"  class="mandatory label_description"  mandatory="true"  aria-label="Mandatory - must be populated before Submit"  title="Mandatory - must be populated before Submit" > * </span>
Configuration item
*Record Type  
name="incident.u_record_type"  mandatory="true" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="Incident" > Incident </option>
<option  value="Service Request" > Service Request </option>


/*Category 1

u_category_1"  mandatory="true" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="Application Management" > Application Management </option>
<option  value="Communications & Messaging" > Communications & Messaging </option>
<option  value="Course Management" > Course Management </option>
<option  value="Database Management" > Database Management </option>
<option  value="Desktop Management" > Desktop Management </option>
<option  value="Facilities Management" > Facilities Management </option>
<option  value="Knowledge Management" > Knowledge Management </option>
<option  value="Network Management" > Network Management </option>
<option  value="Print Management" > Print Management </option>
<option  value="Security Management" > Security Management </option>
<option  value="Server Management" > Server Management </option>
<option  value="Service Desk" > Service Desk </option>
<option  value="Telephony Management" > Telephony Management </option>


/*Category 2

name="incident.u_category_2"  mandatory="true" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="Access" > Access </option>
<option  value="Cabling" > Cabling </option>
<option  value="Configuration" > Configuration </option>
<option  value="Hardware" > Hardware </option>
<option  value="Monitoring" > Monitoring </option>
<option  value="OS/Firmware" > OS/Firmware </option>
<option  value="Software" > Software </option>


/*Category 3

name="incident.u_category_3"  mandatory="true" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="Add" > Add </option>
<option  value="Backup" > Backup </option>
<option  value="Modify" > Modify </option>
<option  value="Remove" > Remove </option>
<option  value="Restore" > Restore </option>
*Assignment groupAssignment_groupAssignmentGroup? 
Assigned toAssigned_toAssignedTo? 
name="incident.impact" >
<option  value="1" > 1 - Extensive/Widespread </option>
<option  value="2" > 2 - Significant/Large </option>
<option  selected="SELECTED"  value="3" > 3 - Moderate/Limited </option>
<option  value="4" > 4 - Minor/Localized </option>
*Urgency or PriorityPriorityUrgencyPriorityUrgency
name="incident.urgency"  mandatory="true" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="1" > 1 - Critical </option>
<option  value="2" > 2 - High </option>
<option  value="3" > 3 - Medium </option>
<option  value="4" > 4 - Low </option>
Domain  incident.u_domain
*IP Address  incident.u_ip_address
*MAC Address  incident.u_mac_address
AmCom/OnCall Calendar

<tr  id="element.incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar" >
<td  id="label.incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar"  class="label"  nowrap="true"  type="url"  choice="0"  colspan="1"  title=" " oncontextmenu="return elementAction(this, event)" >
<td  nowrap="true"  style="width: 100%; padding-right:16px;" >
<a  id="incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar_link"  class="web"  name="incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar_link"  href=" "  target="gsft_link" > </a>
<input  id="ni.incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar_hidden"  name="ni.incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar_hidden"  style="visibility: hidden; width: 2px;"  title=" " >
<input  id="incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar"  type="hidden"  name="incident.u_amcom___oncall_calendar"  value=" " >
<script >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  style="display: none;" >
<td  id="label.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  class="label label_spacing"  nowrap="true"  type="choice"  choice="1"  data-type="label"  title=" " >
<td  class="input_controls"  nowrap="true" >
<input  id="sys_original.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  type="hidden"  name="sys_original.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  value=" " >
<select  id="incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  onchange="onChange('incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1');"  style="direction:ltr;width:160px;" name="incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  mandatory="false" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  style="display: none;" >
<td  id="label.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  class="label label_spacing"  nowrap="true"  type="choice"  choice="1"  data-type="label"  title=" " >
<td  class="input_controls"  nowrap="true" >
<input  id="sys_original.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  type="hidden"  name="sys_original.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  value=" " >
<input  id="ni.dependent.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  type="hidden"  name="ni.dependent.u_dar_aoi_tier_1"  sysparm_processor="PickList" value="incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2" >
<input  id="ni.dependent_reverse.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  type="hidden"  name="ni.dependent_reverse.incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2" sysparm_processor="PickList"  value="u_dar_aoi_tier_1" >
<select  id="incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  onchange="onChange('incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2');"  style="direction:ltr;width:160px;" name="incident.u_dar_aoi_tier_2"  mandatory="false" >
ActivitiesN/A Submit button
Resolution DetailsN/A  
Pending Code  
name="incident.u_pending_code" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="User Action Required" > User Action Required </option>
<option  value="Third Party Vendor Action" > Third Party Vendor Action </option>
<option  value="Support Contact Hold" > Support Contact Hold </option>
<option  value="Task Completion" > Task Completion </option>
<option  value="Approval" > Approval </option>
<option  value="Change" > Change </option>
<option  value="Problem" > Problem </option>
<option  value="Monitoring Incident" > Monitoring Incident </option>
Incident State to Pending  sys_original.incident.u_incident_state_to_pending"  value=" " >
Resolution Code  
name="incident.u_resolution_code"  mandatory="false" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="Applied Patch" > Applied Patch </option>
<option  value="Automatically Closed" > Automatically Closed </option>
<option  value="Cancelled" > Cancelled </option>
<option  value="Re-Configuration" > Configure </option>
<option  value="Customer Resolved" > Customer Resolved </option>
<option  value="Data Restore" > Data Restore </option>
<option  value="Education" > Education </option>
<option  value="Enhancement" > Enhancement </option>
<option  value="External Incident" > External Incident </option>
<option  value="Process Adjustment" > Process Adjustment </option>
<option  value="Reboot" > Reboot </option>
<option  value="Replaced Hardware" > Replaced Hardware </option>
<option  value="Restored Power" > Restored Power </option>
<option  value="Service Restarted" > Service Restarted </option>
<option  value="Software Reinstall" > Software Reinstall </option>
Resolution Method  
name="incident.u_resolution_method" >
<option  value=" " > -- None -- </option>
<option  value="Email" > Email </option>
<option  value="Knowledge Base" > Knowledge Base </option>
<option  value="On Site" > On Site </option>
<option  value="Phone" > Phone </option>
<option  value="Remote" > Remote </option>
<option  value="Software Push" > Software Push </option>
Actual Resolved Date/Time  
sys_original.incident.u_actual_resolve_at_"  value=" " >
<div  class="input-group" >
<input  id="incident.u_actual_resolve_at_"  class="form-control text-align-right-ltr element_reference_input"  type="text" onchange="onChange('incident.u_actual_resolve_at_');"  value=" "  style=""  name="incident.u_actual_resolve_at_"  mandatory="false" >
<a  id="incident.u_actual_resolve_at_.ui_policy_sensitive"  class="input-group-addon icon-calendar icon"  data-ref="incident.u_actual_resolve_at_"  tabindex="-1"  name="incident.u_actual_resolve_at_.ui_policy_sensitive"  data-date_time_format="yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm a"  data-type="date_time" >  </a>
Resolved Date  id="label.incident.u_incident_state_to_resolved"  class="label label_spacing"  nowrap="true"  type="date_time"  choice="0"  data-type="label" title="This is the date and time the Incident State was set to Resolved. This field is Read Only and is set by the system." >
Incident State to Resolved By  
id="element.incident.u_incident_state_to_resolved_b" >
<td  id="label.incident.u_incident_state_to_resolved_b"  class="label label_spacing"  nowrap="true"  type="reference"  choice="0"  data-type="label"  title="This is the person who set the Incident State to Resolved. This field is Read Only and is set by the system." >
Resolvable by Tier 1  

check box



check box

label.incident.knowledge"  class="label label_spacing"  nowrap="true"  type="boolean"  choice="0"  data-type="label"  title="If checked, will automatically create a Draft knowledge article upon closure" >
<td  class="input_controls"  nowrap="true" >
<input  id="sys_original.incident.knowledge"  type="hidden"  name="sys_original.incident.knowledge"  value="false" >
<input  id="ni.incident.knowledge"  type="checkbox"  name="ni.incident.knowledge"  data-ref="incident.knowledge"  data-type="boolean" value="true" >
<input  id="incident.knowledge"  type="hidden"  name="incident.knowledge"  gsftlocked="false"  value="false" >


Resolution (Text)  incident.u_resolution
Opened (datetime)  <input  id="sys_original.incident.u_time_of_incident"  type="hidden"  value="2016-09-27 05:35 PM" name="sys_original.incident.u_time_of_incident" >
Opened by (netid)  incident.opened_by
Updated (datetime?)  
<tr  id="element.incident.sys_updated_on" >
<tr  id="element.incident.sys_updated_by" >
<tr  id="element.incident.sys_mod_count" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_accepted" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_accepted_by" >
Updated by   
Updates  incident.sys_mod_count
Accepted (datetime)   
Accepted by   
Active  checkbox
SLA Schedule  incident.u_sla_schedule
Response SLA Status  
<tr  id="element.incident.u_response_sla_status" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_resolution_sla_status" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_time_worked_total" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_has_been_accepted" >
<tr  id="element.incident.u_reopen_counter" >
Resolution SLA Status   
Time Worked Total   
Has Ben Accepted   
Reopen Counter