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To request a mobile app cost estimate, complete the LITS request form. LITS will either work with you directly to prepare the estimate or help put you in contact with the preferred contractors best suited to help you. At the same time LITS can help you make important connections with the Office of Technology Transfer, Compliance, and Security, who are all critical partners in implementing and distributing any mobile app.


The current market rate for resources from firms that meet these criteria is approximately between $110/hr and $175/hr and Emory has negotiated advantageous rates with two firms and is evaluating several firmsmore. They Current program participants are:

  1. AddSurge, LLC
  2. PreferredCatalyte
  3. Vendors
  4. Here

To engage the services of these companies, please complete the request for a mobile app cost estimate. Not all participating vendors are ideal for every project. Each has their own specialization, strengths, and weaknesses. IT Architecture can help with quick triage analysis of your project to help match your project to the best vendor. All of Emory's preferred vendors have a track record of success on Emory projects that match the vendor's strengths.

Support for Mobile Apps

Three models for ongoing operational support and maintenance of apps have emerged at Emory.