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  • The Architecture Review Process and Template Guide

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Create the ART template:

  1. Is your project a Custom / Developed (In-House) Application, a Purchased / Vended (On-premise) Solution, a Hosted Solution (including Cloud) or a Bolt on / in Add to an existing Application? (each category has a template and one will need to be created). Export the template to a Word document, fill it out, then send to the ART lead to be posted as a child page under the ART Schedule once a review date is scheduled. (ART lead currently Brenda Rockswold,
  2. Identify the LITS group responsible for the review. (You may not belong to LITS but you will need a LITS "coordination team" for the ART review. Your application has to be LITS managed or have an Integration point to LITS for the ART review to be scheduled).
  3. Make sure to complete every question in the ART review template and provide as much detail as possible. If you are not sure, review some of the approved ART reviews to determine the level of depth required. An architecture diagram is the most important artifact of the template. Please provide accurate and up to date architecture diagrams.


  1. To schedule a review, contact the Architecture Lead (currently Brenda Rockswold, to check availability and to agree upon a date.
  2. Meetings are held every Thursday at the North Decatur Building, 5th 3rd floor in the Savannah Sweetwater conference room 505305D, and also online using Zoom. The meeting starts at 1pm. The project lead is time is from 1-2pET. The ART lead will forward the online meeting information to the project lead once a review date is set. The project lead is expected to inform all project team members of the meeting date, venue and time.
  3. Templates must be complete by COB the Friday before the scheduled date of review. (example: If the Scheduled date is Thursday July 13, 2017, then templates are to be completed by close of business on Friday July 7th, 2017). The link is sent to the ART team members for review by Monday.
  4. If the template is not complete, the ART lead has the option to reschedule the review until the template is revised and complete.
  5. If you need the vendor to join the meeting please make sure a copy of the form is sent to the vendor. Provide the vendor with the meeting time and share the teleconference dial in information.
  6. The ART Review and Security Review are two separate but dependent processes. It is recommended to submit for a security review AFTER the ART review

    (contact Brad Sanford's team -

    if determined by ART that one is required. Reference the Security Review Required Documents guide before submitting a Security Review Intake form in Service Now. (

    along with the ART review.

  7. ART Meeting information: Join by Phone: +14704406765 (Dial-in Number)  Conference ID: 85399230

Post Review Follow up:

  1. If you have follow up action items, add the status of those items to the template when completed.
  2. All outstanding items need to be addressed and/or resolved in order for the ART review to be closed.