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  • Use Case Template with Guidelines
  • Use Case 1 - Cases involving web services
    1. Register a Web Service (Steve Wheat, Emory)
    Use Case 2 -
    1. Lookup Web Services (Arnie Miles, Georgetown)
    Use Case 3 -
    1. Comment and Rate Web Services (Richard Moon, SunGard Higher Education)
    Use Case 4 -
    1. Monitor Web Service (Thomas Jackson, Emory)
    Use Case 5 -
    1. Modifying an Existing Web Service Registration (Jeff Alderson, ConnectEDU)
    Use Case 6 -
    1. Application Looking Up Web Services (Steve Wheat, Emory University)
    2. And more here
  • Use Cases involving the ontology services
    1. Register the definition of a term in the ontology service
    2. Use the ontology service in the creation of a new web service
    3. Normalize an existing service to use the EdUnify ontology service
    4. Leverage the EdUnify ontology service to create a useful query of web services
    5. Obtain community approval for a definition in the ontology
    6. And more here
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