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The following is a listing of detailed requirements for EdUnify. These requirements are expressed as additions or modifications to the EdUnify Demonstration Registry based on the BioCatalogue available at


SOA Governance


  1. Add ability for organizations to use EdUnify (SaaS) to register private services that are only viewable to verified members or affiliates of that organization (2 or later, analysis will be done prior to beta launch).
    1. Single product instance.
    2. Could make certain "pieces" of the service publicly viewable.
    3. Could choose when to make an individual service public (to the world) or to targeted users and/or communities.
    4. Searches would search all registered items (public and private) and indicate that "private" items were found.  Users would have an opportunity to request access or more information about the "private" items that were found.
    5. Community/affiliation targeted service registration.  Providers/registers can indicate which EdUnify "communities" or affiliated users are allowed to see specific services.  e.g., all clients affiliated with a vendor can see any service submitted by that vendor.  Could be targeted to a broad based community and/or an individual user.