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  1. A quality assessment or score of the completeness of the entry to encourage users responsible for the service to complete the entry as best they can.  We may even want to send out e-mail alerts or build a task list for users to complete entries that are not complete. (1)
  2. A currency assessment of the entry. (2 or later)
  3. Accept a WSDL upload and allow management and publication of the WSDL within EdUnify. (1)
  4. A mechanism that will allow users to specify how a service is being used.  This includes, but is not limited to, links to applications that use the service(s), how many clients use the service(s), how many invocations are made on the service and potentially who is using the service(s).  This information may be specified at multiple points throughout the life-cycle of the registry entry:
    1. When a provider or person submitting a service first registers the service
    2. When a provider and/or consumer of that service adds additional information to the service entry
  5. Category suggestions.  Provide the ability for community members to submit new potential service categories which would initiate a work flow that includes a review process resulting in either an approval or denial of the category.  If the new category is approved, it would become an official option for new and/or existing services.  These suggestions could be specified during initial registration or as the service is annotated after initial submission.

Searching the Registry

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