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  • Course and Program Transferability Disclosure
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Giving students access to program and course transferability pathways at the time they are contemplating a course or program, would offer the best chance for advising and guidance to help students understand the consequence and value of their course plans across multiple institutions. This is what is contemplated in H.R.3221 legislation passed by Congress last September 2009 in Section 503. In order for this to happen, institutions would need to either track how programs and courses they offer would transfer to others, or they would be able to request through a common pipe, access the comparability decisions recorded by those institutions that have considered the program, course and institution in comparison to their own. The decision process of what is or not transferable is not impacted. It is only disclosed if the data is published and the lookup would enable applications to determine how programs and courses would be counted by other institutions. The use of information managed across different systems would help the student and advisors understand before transfer how courses would count. This would save a significant capacity and cost spent not counting courses applicable to programs.

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