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Problem: Defining, storing and finding data defintions, specifications covering the elements of integration and data access services spread across stakeholder systems and applications is often very obscure, presented with differing formats and levels of usefullness and completeness.

Business Value, Cost Reduced and Risk Reduced: 50% of IT budgets are spent developing and maintaining integrations and data access initiatives. The opportunity is to reduce these costs to allow reallocation or cost reduction thru improved reuse, less complexity and speed of lookup. The ability to bridge application systems with automated workflows could be radically improved by adopting a common means of identifing integration and access technologies through a registry to lookup the services and their attributes.

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  1. Unknown User (

    I think this is a perfect statement of one of the many business problems.

    What we need to add to each goal statment is - S.M.A.R.T.:
    Specfic, Measureable, Attaintable, Realistic, and Time definitions.