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Here some terms you should be familiar with when using this wiki.

  • Confluence - The name of the wiki software that powers this site. It is a product of the Atlassian software company.
  • Macro - A piece of text with a special meaning to Confluence, written surrounded by curly brackets. For example, enclosing text in the color macro, {color:red}like this{color}, makes it red.
  • Page - A single wiki document within Confluence. A page can act as both a file (storing information) and as a folder (grouping other pages).
  • Rich Text - A way of editing pages in Confluence using a Microsoft Word-like interface.
  • Space - A logical grouping of pages in Confluence. Various configuration options can only be set at the space level.
  • Wiki - A web site that allows easy editing, documentation, and collaboration. Wiki means "fast" in Hawaiian.
  • Wiki Markup - A way of editing pages in Confluence using a simple markup language. For example, text *surrounded by asterisks* shows up bold.
  • WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get, pronounced wizzy-wig. Another name for Rich Text.

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