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The breadcrumbs at the top of each page are great for getting back to where you were, but you also need a way to getting to new places.

Go back to the Home page of your personal space - (your name) -> Personal Space in the upper right menu, or Home in the breadcrumbs. Notice that the page you created is listed under "Navigate space" on the right side. It shows up there because of a macro, one of those things between curly brackets we mentioned earlier. This particular macro, {pagetree}, draws a tree with all of the pages in a space, organized by parents and children.

Of course, it doesn't look much like a tree now, but we can fix that. Create a few more pages, both under Home and under the page you created earlier. Remember that a new page becomes a child of the page you were on when you press the Add button.

Go back to the Home page and notice how the tree has changed. To show or hide branches of the tree, click the + or - signs.

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