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All spaces are set to allow viewing by anyone, and editing by OIT staff members. The default settings are so permissive because you can only decrease permissions on a page-by-page level, not increase them.

For example, if an entire space is viewable by OIT staff, you can restrict a specific page to be viewable only by UTS staff, but you can't make it viewable by Emory College staff.

Whenever you make a new page under the Home page on your space, you should limit viewing to OIT staff. Pages created under other pages will inherit the security settings of their parents.

Organization and Navigation

To make your pages easy to navigate, you should group them logically the same way you would files on your hard drive. On your hard drive, though, you put files into folders. In Confluence, pages act as both files and folders.

To organize your pages, go to Browse -> Pages, then click Tree. You will see a tree view of all of the pages in your space, and you can drag and drop them to move them around.

You should also make it easy to navigate to pages below each of your pages. The easiest way to do that is by adding the text {pagetree:root=@self} to your page. That text is a macro which will insert a tree list of all pages below the current page.

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