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How do I grant access to a page?

In Confluence, you can only restrict access to a page; you can't explicitly grant additional access. For that reason, most spaces in this wiki are set up to allow access only to OIT staff. It is generally not possible to grant access for non-OIT people to pages in one of the OIT wiki spaces.

The Public Documents space, however, allows full access to anyone, even people who aren't logged in. If you want to share wiki pages with non-OIT people, you should use the Public Documents space. Either make a new page under Public Documents, or move an existing page there. Because Public Documents is completely unrestricted by default, be sure to limit access to any content you put there!

How do I limit access to a page?

Navigate to the page, and click Edit. Find where it says "Restrictions" at the bottom of the page, and click Edit next to it. Enter the NetIDs of users you want to be able to view the page, then click Add.

All pages that are "children" of a page inherit that page's permissions.

Look for the lock icon the upper left corner of a page to see if it has restrictions. Click on the lock for details.

To grant permission to any logged in Emory user, restrict access to the "confluence-users" group.

Where can I experiment with Confluence without impacting other users?

See Making your own Personal Space.

I have a name other my legal name listed in the directory. Why does my name show up incorrectly in Confluence?

Confluence retrieves its information about you from Emory's directory server. The directory server contains all sorts of information about Emory community members in different permutations. For historical reasons, the "full name" field in the directory contains people's preferred name, but the "first name" field contains people's legal first name. Confluence must be configured to look at separate fields for first and last name, so it displays legal name instead of preferred name.

We cannot change the "first name" field to use preferred name, because it might break other applications. We tried adding a "preferred first name" field to the directory, but because the Healthcare directory does not have that field we could not use it without preventing Healthcare users from logging in.

Some people choose to work around this problem by setting their profile pictures to be the text of their preferred first names.

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