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FullPerson Message Object

Versions used: 2.0

FullPerson 2.0

Published by IdentityService version 2 and consumed by various connectors including AmcomService, ServiceNowGateway, BlackboardConnector, etc.  Sync messages are currently published for people who have an active account in either the EUV AD or the EHC AD server.  Query-Request and Provide-Reply is now supported.  In order to issue Query-Request functionality, the requests must be sent through the edu.emory.FullPersonRequestProxy connector.

FullPerson 2.0 contains these component message objects: Employee 2.0, NetworkIdentity 2.0, Person 2.0, SponsoredPerson 2.0, and Student 2.0.

For more information on FullPerson, please refer to FullPerson documentation at ESD ESB FullPerson Knowledge Base.

Enterprise Objects document(s):

Request/Reply messages:

  1. FullPerson.Query-Request (Sample | Definition)
  2. FullPerson.Provide-Reply (Sample | Definition)

Synchronization messages:

  1. FullPerson.Create-Sync (Sample | Definition)
  2. FullPerson.Update-Sync (Sample | Definition)
  3. FullPerson.Delete-Sync (Sample | Definition)

MOA for FullPerson Object








Amcom MOA Javadoc|C:\Kelly\Integration\CSI Project\Amcom MOA doc\index.html||||||\

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