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There are frequent business need for database records  to be shared among colleagues.  RecordDumpService is created to serve this need. This service has two commands: RecordDumpScheduledCommand and UploadToBoxScheduledCommand.

source is at

constellation jar is at


MtpRecordDumpService Example

1) First get Key and Secret for your app following Procedure to Get Key and Secret.  Replace existing clientId and clientKey with what you just got in

2) Manually get box refresh token by running  This will write the new box refresh token to a file called boxtoken.json.  It will prompt for your login and password.  

3) Create MtpRecordDumpService application by Creating a appConfig in the OpenEAI ESB console. Configure RecordDumpScheduledCommand and UploadToBoxScheduledCommand properties.  MtpRecordDumpService is configured to run Daily.  Please see the MtpRecordDumpService appConfig for detail.





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