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There are 18 app currently marked "Ready For Sale" in the Emory Apple App Store. They are:

  1. Anatomy of the Male Pelvis
  2. Emory Awake
  3. Emory Healthy Aging
  4. Emory Liver Transplant
  5. Emory Mobile
  6. eP@
  7. HU Buddy
  8. iChoose kidney - Educational
  9. P@H
  10. Pollen-Nation
  11. ReadyVax
  12. ReliefLink
  13. Surgical Anatomy of the Liver
  14. Surgical Anatomy of the Liver (iPhone)
  15. Surgical Anatomy of the Lung
  16. The Brain at Work Experiment
  17. UrApp: Nephrotic Syndrome Mgr.
  18. WinshipMD

The scatter chart was produced by screen scraping the "Version" tables from every app's App Store Connect → Activity → App Store Versions page.The example shown below is for the Anatomy of the Male Pelvis app.

Many of the apps have Android versions in the Google Play Store, however, there is no history of events there. Here is the excel sheet with the data.

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