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  • Launching the Emory Mobile App Catalog Project
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In FY 2015 LITS implemented a prototype mobile app catalog for Emory. In FY 2015 LITS will launch the Emory Mobile App Catalog as a service and publicize it as part of the Emory mobile app review and distribution process.


Define the service, establish support responsibilities, launch the service.

Project Phases and Status

  1. Meet and work with ITSMO (September)
  2. Service Rollout (October)

This project is in phase 1 and is anticipated to complete in October 2015. We met with Luc Dalla Venezia and Mark Kawasaki from the ITSMO. They will prepare a services description, support model, and plan for the service rollout and meet with us to discuss and finalize next steps by October 1.


There are no known issues at this time.


  1. Emory Mobile App Catalog start page
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