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  • Iteration #3: Create useful base images continued
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In the second iteration much of the time was spent researching and learning about images.  In this iteration, new base images were created.


  1. Create an emory tomcat7 base image (Alex)
  2. Create an emory apache2.2 base image (Alex)
  3. Create an emory jboss 5.1 base image (Wang)
  4. Attempt to create a WebEase image using the newly created jboss 5.1 base image (Wang)


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  • We had a brief discussion about the initial FROM statement.  Mike, Steve S., John W., Alex and Paul met earlier in the week and determined that for the purposes of the POC we did not care which operating system was picked, so we decided we would use Ubuntu because it was the easiest.  We did discuss the Systems would not be monitoring or patching the container. 
  • Alex went over his tomcat7 and apache2.2 Dockerfiles.  He explained that he patterned his Dockerfile after the one Steve Wheat had created.
  • We discussed the use of the resources directory as a mechanism for copying and installing software (like tomcat and apache) in the build process.  We also talked about the possibility of having a local distribution repository where we could use apt-get or yum commands as an easier way to install software on a container.
  • Discuss strategies for exposing containers without conflicting on ports - can this be automated?

Potential Next Steps

  • Research Swarm
  • Start a private registry - Mike, John, Alex
  • Demonstrate using the F5 load-balancer to expose a web app running in a container
  • Upgrade all of the docker engines to be on a consist version
  • Dockerize more web applications - possibly one with shibboleth?


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