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  • Internal iOS App Distribution Request Template: Ebola App
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This request template is intended to be used to request app distribution on the Emory internal distribution site. To use this template, copy it and append ": [AppName]" to the template.


IDRequired InformationResponse
1Application Name [AppName] 
2Application Type (iOS etc.) 
3Application short description up to 100 characters 
4Application long description up to 1000.  NOTE:  if a long description is not provided, the short description will be used instead. 
5Attach the IPA file to this page with its final name [AppName].ipa. This app will be re-signed with Emory's Apple Enterprise Developer credentials for internal distribution. 
6Attach an icon image for display on the distribution site with the file name IconImage.png.  This image should be in PNG format and a width of 114px and a height of 114px.  This image will be associated to the app in the internal catalog. 

Provide a list of all people who should be able to download your application: first name, last name, e-mail address.

These people will be sent an invitation to join the app catalog.  Once they've completed their registration, they'll be able to see and download apps based on which groups they belong to.




Suggest a group name that the users of this application might be associated too.

For example, the Surgery department might want to associate their apps to a "Sugery" group. 

This ensures the application is targeted toward the appropriate group of people.  Using groups makes this maintenance simpler.  By default, any app added to the catalog will be available to all catalog users.  All we need is a suggestion.  This may not be the final group name that is used but it will be a starting point and will provide information to the administrators that will help organize things efficiently.

9Support Contact. Need support email when request for submission is made. Need support phone number when in production status 
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