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  • HIPAA Audit Logging Service Web Application Project
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Owners of applications and information security staff need a basic user interface to the HIPAA Audit Logs in order to fulfill their obligations of audit log review under Emory's HIPAA compliance policies.


Develop, Test, and Deploy a web application to view and search HIPAA audit logs.

Project Phases

  1. Requirements and Design* (January)
  2. Development (Feburary, March)
  3. Testing (April)
  4. Application Rollout (May 2015)

This project is presently pending initiation and anticipated to complete in May 2015.


There are no known issues at this time.


  1. HIPAA Audit Logging Service wiki page
  2. HIPAA Auditing Proxy Service wiki page
  3. HALS Web Application Requirements (forthcoming)

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