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In February 2018, Emory launched a proof-of-concept initiative for the Emory Patient API Gateway. The scope of the proof-of-concept is to implement the API Gateway infrastructure, a FHIR endpoint on an Emory Cerner database that is replicated using Emory’s existing near real-time replication strategy, and map a number of high-value FHIR resources using a variety of sourcing strategies for subject matter expertise. Specifically, this proof-of-concept will deliver:

  1. A detailed, working design and implementation of an internet-scale API gateway with security controls that will meet Emory’s information security and compliance requirements such as HIPAA audit logging.
  2. The API gateway will proxy requests to both Cerner Ignite and to the Emory FHIR endpoint, allowing Emory to offer a common endpoint for each application and source FHIR resource requests as best suited for each application.
  3. Mappings of new FHIR resources presently unavailable from Cerner Ignite, specifically in areas of basic demographics, basic visit details, lab test results, medication orders, problem list, and diagnosis and procedure codes (to the extent the Cerner system has that data). These resources draw from tables already mapped for ETL purposes by the Clinical Data Warehouse and Emory i2b2 teams.
  4. Resource providers will be implemented for these mappings and deployed into the Emory FHIR endpoint.
  5. The new resources will be proxied by the Emory Patient API Gateway, making all of the Cerner Ignite FHIR resources and new Emory FHIR resources available to a sample application.
  6. A sample FHIR mobile application and web application will be developed using the Emory Patient API Gateway tools to demonstrate using APIs from both Cerner Ignite and the EAR FHIR endpoint from the common API gateway.

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