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General Information

  1. Name will be provided by Emory Login.
  2. What unit are you preparing this profile for?

For each of the cloud service providers that you use (AWS, Azure, VMware, etc.), please answer the following questions:

  1. What research, academic, or business functions do you run on this provider's infrastructure?
  2. Describe each function listed in #1 in with a brief paragraph of detail.
  3. List the cloud providers infrastructure that you use to implement these functions (i.e. EC2 instances, virtual private clouds, virtual machines, Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, etc.).
  4. Please provide a sentence or two describing how you use each piece of infrastructure listed in response to #3.
  5. Please list the applications and middleware you run on this infrastructure to implement the functions you've listed.
  6. Describe your security requirements and how you implement those with the cloud provider's infrastructure.
  7. What is the annual cost of implementing these functions with this cloud provider? If you have annual cost by function, that would be useful, but an estimate of total annual cost for everything you are doing with this provider is adequate.
  8. How much Emory staff time or consulting time is required to administer these cloud provider resources?
  9. Add more here


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