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  • Docker Proof of Concept - List of Tasks incl Done and Remaining
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Docker POC Tasks
GoalsDoneTo Do for POCTo Do at Later Date
Docker InfrastructureSet up Docker Hosts
    Installed Docker Engine
    Installed Private Registry
Docker Deployment PatternsDecide Enterprise vs Open Source
ClusteringInstalled SwarmKubernetes vs Swarm
    Discovery Tool to employ - Consul and alternatives
Implement TLS
Build / Package / DeployJenkins / Maven / GIT deployment cycleContainer Configuration ManagementMove Jenkins to Enterprise Support
LoggingInstalled and demo'ed syslogWhich logs to pull?Other log products -   Fluent
    Cloud Logging
Monitoring Initial research on monitoring   containers
    Usage of existing Emory monitoring tools
    Research other monitoring Tools
Security Engage security on scanning   Docker hosts and running containers 
Cloud PortabilityDeployed to Docker Registry in Docker HubPublic Cloud Deployment -   AWS - registry and docker containers
Management ToolsUsed build-in tools Explore Commercial Tools
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