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Docker Infrastructure
GoalsDoneTo Do For POCTimelineAssigned toTo Do at Later Date
Build Docker InfrastructureSet up Docker Hosts    
Build Docker InfrastructureInstall Docker Engine    
Build Docker InfrastructureInstall Private Registry    
Build Docker Infrastructure 

Docker Deployment Patterns. How to auto scale containers.

Definer patterns with web server, F5, and app server containers..

3/18 - No Update. Update in 2 weeks.

4/1 - John presented Kubernetes today

4/15 - Decision 1 - Start without auto-scaling.


Kevin Chen


Build Docker Infrastructure    Decide Enterprise vs OpenSource

Investigate Kubernetes vs Swarm

Discovery tool to deploy. Consul and Alternative.

3/18 - Mike busy next week with VMWare consultant. John also busy with Salient vendor.

John Wang will present a Kubernetes cluster

4/15 - Decision 2 - Not going to use Kubernetes at this time.


John Wang

Mike Lewis


Container configuration management

3/18 - Daniel out this week. Demo next week...

4/1 - Daniel will present development workflow on 4/15

4/15 - Daniel is going to work encrypt and decrypt the passwords. Configure Jenkins to remove file. Look at Keywize or Vault. Need a new Jenkins server.


Daniel Grant


Which logs to pull. Will syslog work ?

3/18 - Alex reviewed option 1 and option 2. More work to do in Option 3. How will this work in the cloud ? FluentD vs Syslog - Which one to use..Alex to finish Logging final review next week..

4/1 - Alex and Paul will continue work with SYSLOG option

4/8 - Alex and Paul presented SYSLOG as the recommended logging option. They showed tagging the log messages with custom text, container name, image name, and container ID. They also showed how tail and sed could be used together to add custom text to identify log messages from different log files - like access.log and error.log. The group felt this proved that SYSLOG would work as a logging tool. (Still need to see what a Java Stack log looks like.)



Paul Petersen


Initial research on monitoring   containers
    Usage of existing Emory monitoring tools
    Research other monitoring Tools: Evaluating Google cAdvisor, SemaText, Sysdig and Datadog. New Relic is a monitoring tool for Java in a container

3/18 - Testing on monitoring. Same as Clustering. Update on 2 weeks.

4/1 - John presented Kubernetes and also showed several related monitoring tools

4/15 - John will give a Demo on management next week.

 John Wang 
Cloud Portability Public Cloud Deployment -   AWS - registry and docker containers 

Steve Wheat

Mike Lewis

Paul Petersen

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