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The certificate issuing service provides client certificates for Emory mobile application users. LITS mobile applications require both user authentication with username and password and client certificate authentication to ensure requests to Emory web services originate from authorized clients.


Develop, Test, and Deploy an ESB service that handles certificate create, update, and delete requests and publishes create, update, and delete syncs. The service will store certificates it generates in a permanent repository.

Project Phases

  1. Design* (September)
  2. Development (October)
  3. Testing (October)
  4. Service Rollout (November)

This project is presently in the design phase and we are building prototype to determine with PKI APIs are most appropriate for this service. Development work on the production service is expected to complete in October with deployment and completing in November 2015.


There are no known issues at this time.


  1. Certificate Issuing Service wiki page (forthcoming)

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