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  • Application Server Platform as a Service Feasiblity Study Project
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With the advent of application server platform as a service offerings (PaaS) it may be possible to move our existing web applications and web services to these platforms. The limiting factor to date has been security and performance concerns. If we can address these security concerns with a platform provider, we may be able to improve reliability and quality of service and eliminate a set of middleware administration tasks. This would allow administrators to focus more effort on deployment, change management, and application-level administration tasks.


Complete a preliminary security review, HIPAA business associate agreement, and initiate a limited trial service. Document a pattern for running Emory's existing web apps and web services. Prepare a summary report outlining the costs, migration path, and impact on operational responsibilities.

Project Phases

  1. Preliminary security review (October, November)
  2. BAA and service agreement (December-February)
  3. Document deployment patterns (March, April)
  4. Evaluate migration strategies (April, May)
  5. Final estimation and summary report (May, June)
  6. Present results (July)
  7. Follow-up tests, assessment, report updates (August)

This project is presently pending initiation anticipated to complete in August 2015.


There are currently no known issues.


  1. Application Server Platform Feasibility Assessment wiki page (forthcoming)
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